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Hawaii’s year-round warm weather creates the perfect environment for termites to thrive. While these creatures are an essential part of our ecosystem, they often feed on local homes and businesses throughout the state, causing more than $100 million in structural damage each year in Hawaii alone.1

Leaving a termite infestation unattended can lead to costly repairs. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we provide comprehensive termite treatment plans to eliminate current termite problems and help prevent future infestations from damaging your home or business.

Subterranean vs Drywood Termites 

Termites found in Hawaii mostly fall into two groups: subterranean (which includes the invasive Formosan species) and drywood.

Commonly referred to as the “ground termite,” the subterranean termite lives primarily underground and out of sight. Notorious for their stealthy nature, subterranean termites rise to the surface to explore and feed on wooden structures and trees. The species’ ability to go undetected contributes to their success at invading and destroying homes and businesses across the Hawaiian Islands.

Formosan termites, a species of subterranean termites, are always hungry — eating 24/7 — and can chew through a lot of wood, including live trees. Formosan termites have the largest colonies of any termite species in North America and are very prevalent in Hawaii. Other subterranean species can have over a million termites in a colony, while Formosan colonies have up to 15 million and are commonly referred to as the “super termite.”

Establishing itself as another harmful termite species in Hawaii, the drywood termite is perfectly suited for our tropical climate. The can fly into your home unnoticed and infest for over five years before being detected. They often infest homes, fences and trees, along with other wooden structures. They do not need to remain in contact with the soil or have access to water. Due to this and other biological differences, treatment methods for them are not the same as those used for other termite species.

Professional Termite Treatment 

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we understand that every termite threat is different. No matter what type of termite infestation you are currently experiencing, we have a solution perfectly suited for your home or office. 

Drywood Defend System™

Often, the most effective way to treat drywood termite infestations is with fumigation. Unfortunately, this process can be both costly and disruptive. With our signature Drywood Defend System™, our experienced termite technicians apply protective barriers to exposed wood, attic areas and other potential entry points. This barrier helps keep termites away and prevents future infestations. We also provide continued monitoring every year to inspect, retreat and reinforce your home’s protective barrier to help ensure your property remains termite-free for as long as you keep your plan. 

Preventative Termite Bait System

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions implements various techniques and systems to specifically treat subterranean termite infestations. With our preventative termite baiting system, technicians will strategically install bait stations in the ground to create a zone of protection around your home.

Liquid Termite Treatment

Another way we tackle subterranean termite infestations is with our liquid treatment. Using this method, our trained technicians will treat the soil around your home. The treatment agent will help eliminate the termites as they forage through treated soil, preventing them from infesting your property.

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1 New Technology for Managing the Formosan Subterranean Termite. University of Hawaii at Manoa.  https://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/oc/freepubs/pdf/HSP-3.pdf.