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Are you dealing with feral chickens in Pearl City or Honolulu? Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is here to help. 

Our specialized feral chicken control services are crafted to tackle the unique challenges faced by our local communities. We’re committed to providing humane and effective solutions, ensuring that the nuisance and potential health risks posed by feral chickens are addressed on your property. Call us today for a free quote!

The Dangers of Feral Chickens

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Feral chickens, while seemingly harmless, can pose various dangers to both your property and your health. Here’s why addressing the feral chicken issue is crucial:

  • Noise Disturbances: The constant crowing and clucking of feral chickens can be a significant source of noise disturbance, affecting your quality of life and peace of mind.
  • Property Damage: Feral chickens are known to scratch and peck at lawns and gardens, causing damage to landscaping and potentially compromising the aesthetics of your property.
  • Health Risks: Feral chickens can carry diseases such as avian influenza, posing a potential health risk to humans and other animals. Their droppings may also harbor pathogens that can contaminate surfaces.
  • Aggressive Behavior: Some feral chickens may exhibit aggressive behavior, especially during mating seasons or when protecting their territory. This can pose a safety risk to residents and visitors.

Our Feral Chicken Control Process

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, our feral chicken control and removal process is all about ethical and humane practices, ensuring the well-being of both residents and the feral chickens themselves. Here’s how we make it work:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: We start with a detailed assessment of your property, understanding the ins and outs of the feral chicken issue, and identifying specific areas that need attention.
  • Tailored Control Plan: Based on our assessment, we create a customized feral chicken control plan. Our strategy revolves around the humane relocation of feral chickens, respecting their role in the local environment.
  • Professional Trapping: Our skilled technicians use humane trapping methods to capture feral chickens on your property. These methods are designed to minimize stress and ensure the safety of the chickens during the trapping process.
  • Safe Relocation: Once captured, the feral chickens are safely transported to suitable locations where they can thrive without causing a nuisance. This relocation process is conducted with the utmost care, preserving the welfare of the birds.
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Don’t let feral chickens disrupt your peace of mind. Our team of pest control experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers professional feral chicken control and removal services in Pearl City and Honolulu. We are ready to assist you in creating a pest-free environment tailored to your unique needs. 

We have partnered with the local government of Honolulu to offer a humane cage and disposal service for the removal of feral chickens from private properties. The city will contribute funding to assist private property owners in addressing the nuisance caused by feral chickens in various communities across O‘ahu. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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