There is a real-life creature that can move quickly around your room, over both floors and ceilings, and wants to suck your blood. It’s not a vampire; it’s the dreaded bed bug.

These oval, brownish-colored insects are roughly the size of an apple seed when they are in their adult phase. Bed bugs live off of the blood of both humans and other animals.

Much like a tick will bite to feed off of a person, a bed bug will, too. However, ticks are a threat outside, while bed bugs typically hitch a ride into your home. Bed bugs frequently enter your home after they hitchhike onto your clothes or belongings from a public area such as bus, work, hotel, and even some unsuspecting places such as libraries or movie theaters.

What Problems Can Bed Bugs Cause?

Bed bugs bite the skin and will often remain in that spot for a couple of minutes, up to ten minutes. After they finish feeding, they will hide again.

Most often, bed bugs attack while you sleep. This can be extremely frustrating because your place of rest now causes anxiety.

After you wake up, you may notice small red spots that can later itch. On some people, these bites can turn to welts.

Bites are not the only problem bed bugs cause, though. They also have glands that produce a pungent, offensive, musty odor.

How Much Does a Bed Bug Service Cost?

The cost of a bed bug service depends on the severity of the infestation in your home. Hence, if you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home, it is best to call a pest professional before the problem gets progressively worse. It is easier to remediate a smaller bed bug problem since this requires less labor and follow up visits. Simply put, it is easier to eliminate a lower number of bed bugs in one room as opposed to multiple bedrooms and shared spaces such as living rooms and couches. If you suspect bed bugs may be living in your home, don’t delay and call a pest professional right away!.

How Do Bed Beds Get into My Home?

Virtually any time you bring new items into your home or travel to a new location for business or a vacation, you are susceptible to bed bugs entering your home. With our warm climate and a large number of tourists that visit Hawaii from international locations and the U.S. each year, Hawaii is susceptible to bed bugs year-round.

You can also get bed bugs from used and new furniture, clothing, and other store-bought items. Some of the factories that make these items can have bed bug infestations, and bed bugs could also be in the supply chain from places such as warehouses and delivery vehicles.

In apartments, bed bugs travel through nearly invisible cracks between floors, through air vents, and electrical outlets. If bed bugs are in your apartment building, it’s challenging to avoid an infestation. Since bed bugs can also survive for up to six months without feeding, they could potentially already be in a newly rented apartment even if no one has occupied the unit for a few months.

What are the Signs to Determine If I Have Bed Bugs?

  • Red bite spots on any skin that was exposed while sleeping
  • Itchiness from bites
  • Small blood stains on sheets or pillowcases
  • The characteristic musty odor from bed bugs’ glands
  • Spots of insect fecal matter or tiny shells from eggs

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs at Home or While in a Hotel

Bed bugs can’t get into homes through cracks and crevices to the outside simply because these critters do not live outdoors in nature. So, trying to seal up your house to avoid bed bugs won’t do the trick. This technique can help keep other types of pests out, but not bed bugs.

Any time you bring in furniture, new or second-hand, inspect it carefully. Use extreme caution in hotels and motels. Keep your luggage off the floor, and wash everything in hot water as soon as you return home.

If you work in a location such as an office, public transportation, a hotel, or other public areas where bed bugs are suspected, be proactive, and wash your clothes when you get home.

Eliminate hiding spots around your bed by removing all unnecessary clutter from your bedside area. It’s a smart idea to keep your mattress zipped in a protective cover made to treat or prevent bed bugs if you suspect you have an infestation. Vacuum frequently to keep your home clean and remove any potential eggs.

What Not to do If you Find Bed Bugs

  • Immediately throw out your mattress
  • Use store-bought pesticides
  • Move furniture around your room
  • Rip up carpet before trying professional extermination

These activities can actually spread bed bugs throughout your home!

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Pearl City, Hawaii

In the heavily traveled island of Oahu, bed bugs continue to infiltrate dormitories, hotels, medical facilities, apartments, and single-family homes. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers in-depth solutions to exterminate bed bugs in Hawaii. If you suspect that bed bugs may be living in your home, contact Sandwich Isle today for bed bug elimination services or a free consultation!