Hawaii is a lovely place full of breathtaking natural scenery and exciting wildlife. But these critters don’t always stay outside where they belong. Nothing can be more dreadful than finding your vehicle swarmed by wasps or bees! Especially wasps, who can sting repeatedly without dying and will not relent if they feel threatened. So, what could be making your car so attractive to these potentially dangerous pests? Let’s talk about why, and ways you can prevent them.

Why Are Wasps Swarming My Vehicle?

Just like us, stinging insects are attracted to places with shelter and plenty of food. Many cars offer the perfect mixture of both, creating a haven for them to infest. Wasps are attracted to sweet smells and the scent of decomposing insects. If you have any of these in your car, you are more likely to experience an infestation:

  • Open cans of drinks like soda or juice.
  • Food or food wrappers in the car like candy, protein bars, or fruit.
  • Dead insects on your vehicle or inside your vehicle’s grill.
  • Sweet-scented air fresheners.

Wasps have also been found to be attracted to white vehicles, more so than any other color. White flowers are the most attractive to wasps for pollination, so the thought is that they are confusing your vehicle for one giant white flower. Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to keep wasps away.

Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Wasp-Free

Even if your vehicle is white, never fear! There are a few different tools you can utilize to ensure you, and anyone else riding with you, are safe from wasps (or other unwanted pests). Here are some of the best ways to prevent wasps from settling into your car:

  • Keep sweets out of your vehicle. We know it can be tempting to eat or drink while in your vehicle, especially if you have children who are less practiced in patience. If abstaining from eating or drinking isn’t possible, be sure to clean any spills or messes right away, and keep food covered/sealed when not in use. Take any wrappers or empty cans/bottles out of your car as soon as possible, and definitely refrain from leaving them in your vehicle overnight.
  • Choose a different air freshener. Wasps are attracted to sweet scents, so while that vanilla or fresh flower-scented freshener may be tempting, try choosing a different option.
  • Frequent Car Wash. Since wasps are attracted to the smell of decomposing insects, frequent car washes are an important part of ensuring they stay away. Be sure to clean any dead bugs out of your grills/air vents, especially during the summer months and after long trips.
  • Essential oils. Oils like peppermint, basil, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, lemongrass, eucalyptus, clove, or oils of any of the 47 flowering plants in the mint family, are powerful deterrents to these stinging pests. Put some on a cotton ball under your seats to keep wasps out and add some to your grill and entry points to keep wasps away.

For Expert Pest Control Solutions

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