Does the sight of ants creep you out? You’re not the only one! You don’t want ants around any more than other pests. Ants can enter your home or workplace through the tiniest of openings and swarm quickly. The fight against ants can be challenging and seemingly never-ending.

You can probably identify animals that eat ants. In fact, in this part of Hawaii, ants have many predators, which can help you battle these unwanted creatures. But by enlisting the help of professional ant exterminators, you can get rid of ants for good.

Spiders Prey on Ants

In a list of what eats ants, spiders may be the first creatures you think of. Some spiders will trap ants in their silk webs. Some spiders will even pounce on ants as they encounter them on the ground, under eaves and decks, and in the other spots where ants like to crawl around. Black widows and jumping spiders are common predators of ants.

Birds Love to Eat Ants

There are essentially two different methods that birds eat ants. First, woodpeckers drill holes into trees or logs and remove ants from the inside. Other birds, such as sparrows and starlings, land near nests to gobble up ants.

Other Insects Eat Ants

Why not pick on someone your own size? Insects take this statement to heart and will not shy away from eating ants. Some flies and beetles, in particular, look for ants at mealtime. Caterpillars are also known to snack on ants.

Interestingly, ants can be cannibalistic, too. If you’re wondering what ants eat other ants, it’s usually bigger species that eat smaller ones. Fire ants and army ants commonly eat their smaller counterparts. However, sometimes fire ants will consume one another over territory disputes.

Mammals Enjoy Ants

Hawaii’s mammal population mostly consists of aquatic life, so ants are not part of their diet. However, mongooses live on the islands. These mammals supplement their diet with ants, along with other insects.

For a Big Ant Problem, Call the Professionals

If you are struggling with an active ant infestation, don’t expect other animals to take care of the problem. Although creatures in the area can help with the infestation, the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can eliminate them better. Our multi-step process to pest control works. A few steps are:

  • Use effective equipment to eliminate ant populations
  • Detect where ants are entering the building
  • Teach you proven methods to discourage ants from returning

If an ant infestation is overwhelming you, it’s time to turn to the team at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Serving Honolulu County in Hawaii, we can help make your home or building ant-free. Contact us today to request a free consultation.