There are over 40 types of ants in Pearl City. Since these insects are among the most dominant species on the Earth, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Ants, though tiny, can quickly escalate into a significant problem for homeowners and businesses.

Why are there ants in my home?

Even though ants are found commonly in Pearl City, HI, as they are anywhere else, it’s interesting to note that zero ant species are native to Hawaii. Over the last 200 years, people have accidentally brought these 40+ species to the island, whether it was from travel or shipping of goods. Unfortunately, this widespread movement has led to years of infestations that you may have already had to deal with within your home, business, or place of work.

Ants can be found anywhere there is a plentiful food and water source for them, making residential areas and even office buildings the perfect breeding grounds. With easy access to crumbs, fruits, spilled soda or juice, dog bowls left out overnight, and leaking pipes, ants have learned to live side by side with humans.

Visual signs are usually the best indicators of an infestation on your property. You might see a line of ants marching through your kitchen or a large group of them surrounding large crumbs, food that was left out, or even your pet’s bowl. Also a sighting of just a few stray ants can mean there’s a bigger problem at hand.

What kind of ant is in my house?

Many of the species of ants in Pearl City, HI are a part of a group known as tramp ants. They are specifically known for their ability to hitch rides with humans and establish entirely new colonies all over the world.

The most common types of ants in Pearl City are the following:

  • Big-Headed Ant
  • Argentine Ant
  • Long-Legged Ant
  • Tropical Fire Ant

Of course, there are many other species, but these are the ones you are most likely to come into contact with.

Big-Headed Ant

The big-headed ant is a reddish-brown insect that can be seen in two sizes ranging from one-eighth of an inch to one-fourth of an inch. The best way to identify this type of ant is its extremely large head as compared to its body.

Big-headed ants are known for establishing clear trails between their nest and their food source. They not only feed on any food left out but also plants and dead insects.

As soil nesters, the best way to control big-headed ants is by eliminating piles of lumber, keeping mulch away from foundations, sealing cracks, and trimming trees and shrub branches away from foundations.

Argentine Ant

Argentine ants are known for their dark brown or black color, their long antennae, and their smooth, hairless body. They can be one of the most troublesome home-infesting pests and prefer moist areas such as mulch, debris, and home foundations.

Argentine ant nests have multiple queens, so they breed very rapidly and can quickly multiply from hundreds to thousands. As daunting as these numbers can be, a positive is that since these ants feed by transferring food from mouth to mouth, baits are highly effective.

Long trails of these ants are the best way to identify an infestation.

Long-Legged Ant

Also known as the yellow crazy ant, due to its yellowish coloring, the long-legged ant is easily identifiable by its rapid, erratic movements and long legs and antennae.

This species thrives in agricultural systems such as cinnamon, citrus, coffee, and coconut, making it perfect for the tropical island of Hawaii. However, they are non-discriminatory nesters and can settle in moist or dry environments, from plants and soil to mulch and garbage.

Because long-legged ants can establish supercolonies in your home, the best way to address this problem is with professional help.

Tropical Fire Ant

The tropical fire ant is a common ant in Hawaii, and is characterized by its orange or reddish-brown body and square head. They spread rapidly and thrive in the soil, particularly in shaded areas or forests.

Tropical fire ants are stinging ants, making them harmful to both people and animals. They have been known to kill hatchling turtles, injure nestling seabirds, and eat various species of eggs. They are also destructive when it comes to crops.

Because they are challenging to eliminate, widespread, and dangerous, the best way to manage these ants is with professional help.

How can Sandwich Isle get rid of ants in my home?

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has the tools, experience, and expertise to eliminate ants in your Pearl City, HI home. Our full home pest solutions tackle ant infestations along with several other common household pests. Call us or fill out the contact form on this page for an ant inspection at your home or business!