Cockroaches are typically associated with dirty restaurants and grocery stores, but did you know that cockroaches can just as easily live inside your home? They are especially challenging to get rid of once they get into your house and choose to stay. Cockroaches are attracted to many things that they can easily access like toothpaste, dog food, dirty dishes, fallen crumbs, soap, and even glue. The most common types of cockroaches in Oahu include American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Surinam cockroaches.

What kind of cockroaches live in Oahu?

Surinam cockroaches

  • Have oblong, rounded bodies that grow ½-1 inch in length
  • They are usually dark brown or black
  • Known for burrowing into the soil
  • Sometimes inadvertently brought into the home through potted house plants
  • Feed on the roots of pineapple plants, potatoes, and other sources of vegetation
  • Incredibly difficult to get rid of

American cockroaches

  • One of the largest cockroaches
  • Reddish brown or mahogany colored
  • Sometimes called palmetto bugs or water bugs
  • Found throughout the United States and Hawaii
  • Both males and females develop wings and can fly
  • Usually found in kitchens, bathrooms, and electrical rooms
  • Feed on beer, pet food, fermenting fruits and vegetables
  • Capable of carrying and spreading various pathogens

German cockroaches

  • Typically ½-5/8 inch long
  • Tan or light brown in color
  • Have fully developed wings, but cannot fly
  • Identified by their small size and two dark parallel lines
  • Found in kitchens near dishwashers, stoves, and sinks, and in bathrooms of homes
  • Feed on a wide variety of foods, including almost anything like soap, glue, and toothpaste

If you find cockroaches in your home, call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions as soon as possible. Cockroach infestations can get out of hand quickly and become incredibly difficult to control the longer you wait. Call us or fill out the contact form on this page to get started!

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