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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control

Utilizing bed bug visual inspections in addition to fumigation and conventional treatments, the Honolulu pest control pros at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers effective bed bug control that is designed to help property owners throughout Hawaii resolve their bed bug problems, no matter how severe.

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Residential Services

Residential Pest Control

Because every home and every structure in Honolulu and Hawaii is different, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions will design a customized integrated pest control program that fits the specific needs of your property.

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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Only Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers a 10-step pest elimination program that is specifically catered to commercial facilities. It focuses heavily on inspection and monitoring, as well as a targeted chemical application to maximize control of pests and minimize the application of unneeded chemicals in your facility. We understand that one roach is too many and we will dedicate ourselves to see that your commercial business is pest free.  In addition, if your facility is subject to third party audits, Sandwich Isle can often help prepare for third party audits from a pest control standard.

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Worried About Bed Bugs? Here's 5 Prevention Tips




It is quite possible that some people think that bedbugs are an old wives tale. They aren't something that in this modern age that a lot of us have had to deal with.


Yeah, We Know...We Rock!




Sandwich Isle makes the Top 100 for the 4th year running.


Bird Control Solutions For Hawaii Businesses




One of the most common pests to businesses worldwide are birds. In fact, birds will gather in almost any place where there is space, food, and a water supply. Unfortunately this includes most businesses in Honolulu and Oahu. And although flocks of birds may seem innocent enough because you see them so frequently, they can actually be quite hazardous.


Pest Control In Honolulu, Oahu And HI

Designed to assist property owners and managers in Hawaii affected by the rising resurgence of bed bugs in Honolulu and all of Hawaii, conventional bed bug treatments are customized to meet the needs of your home or business.  Sandwich Isle also puts this advanced green pest control technology to use in order to resolve termite problems. Learn more about how Sandwich Isle can help you with your termite and bed bug problems.

Whether it's bed bugs, ants, roaches, rats or mice, the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are ready to help keep your home or business pest free.  For more information on the many pest control services we offer on Oahu and parts of the Big Island, give us a call today!

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