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Aug 26
Veteran Saluting The American Flag

Sandwich Isle is Committed to our Veterans

Sandwich Isle remains committed to our veterans and their families and strives to employ them. Three out of five of the latest hires have been either former military or are active guard members.

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Aug 24
Fire Ant

Little Fire Ants Are Invading the Hawaiian Isles

If you are noticing tiny ants that pack a powerful long-lasting sting invading your Hawaiian property you are not alone. Little fire ants are tiny non-native invaders that have taken over the eastern side of the Hawaii Island and if people are not vigilant they will soon spread and cause damage to other parts of Hawaii as well. These ants will rain down from trees on windy days to sting the neck, arms, and torso of people and children. Little fire ants are doing their best to take over Hawaii, so we have to work together to do our best to stop them!

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Aug 21
Bug Bite

Help Bug Bites Get Better Faster

I love everything that is summer…..even the hazy, hot, humid days when there is nothing to do but lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds go by. I love the long days and the warm nights, the beautiful birds flitting overhead calling to each other as they pass by, and even the occasional shower or storm that leaves the air so crisp and clean once it has finished washing the world. It is absolutely my favorite time of the year; however, as close to paradise as summer is for me there is still a small blotch in its perfection. Bugs! That’s right, bugs seem to invade and penetrate every aspect of summer fun at some point or other. It seems like there are specific bugs that are prevalent no matter what time of day or what type of weather is present; but even with their invasions I have found several ways to keep these pests from ruining a perfectly good day.

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Aug 19
LAnie Sky

Dog of the Month – Lanie “Sky”

This month’s Sandwich Isle Pest Solution’s Dog of the Month is Lanie! This program is such a hit that Lanie has actually already been adopted, but since we picked her we felt that she was worthy of having her own post. She is a little beauty whose name means “Sky” in Hawaiian – and she is so sweet it’s as if she dropped straight out of heaven! I am absolutely head over heels in love with this most adorable little lady.

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