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Sep 19
feral pig grazing

Common Damages Feral Pigs Cause

Living in Hawaii is something many people dream of doing. Hawaiian residents get to enjoy the brilliant blues of the ocean, white sand beaches, and stunning tropical flowers on a daily basis. For many that live here the picturesque landscape of mountain and ocean, the many recreational activities available to us, and the lively culture that surrounds us are all considered perks. Overall, there is nothing quite like living the island life.

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Sep 15
cockroach on dirty plate

What Is Drawing American Cockroaches To My Property?

Without even knowing it, many homeowners in Hawaii are attracting cockroaches to their homes and properties. It might just be that the cockroaches have found their way in through the cracks and crevices that are in the walls, windows and doors. It might be the leaky water pipes in the basements, kitchens or bathrooms. Or maybe it’s the crumbs that were left on the floor of their kitchen throughout the day. Cockroaches are driven by the need for shelter, water, and food. Our homes offer that and so much more, why wouldn’t a cockroach want to come in?

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Sep 13
norway rat near hawaii home

Tips To Keep Norway Rats Out Of Your Home

Norway rats are an invading species that can get inside your home in Hawaii. Believe us, you don’t want these rats roaming around wreaking havoc in your living space. Most people will shriek with fear or shudder to think there are rats nearby. Not only are they scary looking, but they are also dangerous to your health and they are known to do a lot of damage to homes and other buildings.

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Sep 11
mynah bird near hawaii business

Mynah Birds Negative Impact on Businesses

The tropical, Asian-native mynah bird is a medium-sized bird with a short tail and prominent beak. You can often identify them from their innovative songs that consist of squeaks, whistles, and imitated sound – they're quite noisy! Mynah birds eat fruit and invertebrates, cause damage to crops, and are quite aggressive with other small animals, from squirrels to other birds. They will damage the eggs and harm the babies of other birds, too. They can spread diseases to both humans and animals, and create problems for businesses.

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