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Jul 21
termites in the ground

Do Termites Bite?

If you know anything about termites, you may have cause for concern. Termite colonies can have thousands of insects living in them--thousands of insects that have mouthparts that chew through solid wood. That is some scary stuff. It may be enough to give you nightmares. But, we have good news for you. Termites are no threat to you personally. Here are some reasons why.

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Jul 20
cockroach climbing on box of crackers

What Cockroaches Do We Have In Hawaii?

There are 19 species of cockroaches in Hawaii. Fortunately, not all of these cockroach species are household pests. What type of cockroaches will you find in your Hawaii home? If you're seeing roaches, there is a good chance it will be an American cockroach, a German cockroach, or a Surinam cockroach. And, if you see one of these roaches, there is a high probability you have hundreds more living in within your walls.

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Jul 19
savannah july's dog of the month

Dog Of The Month-Sweet Savannah

Our mission to protect our community from the harmful effects of pests marches on. One of the ways that we endeavor to free our community from unwanted pests is by sponsoring an orphaned dog each month in the hopes that they will be adopted into a loving family where they can receive love, nurturing, and medical care on a regular basis. That may seem like an odd way to protect you from unwanted pests, but it really is quite effective. You see, when dogs are abandoned, they sometimes are left out in nature to fend for themselves. These dogs then become active hosts to all sorts of parasites and other insects. They are often infested with fleas, mites, worms, and more. They can suffer from multiple stings and become prey for mosquitoes. Not only is this very abusive and harmful for the canine, but it also allows these pests a source of food and a comfortable home on the backs of these poor, unsuspecting pooches. With all of this in mind, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions Dog of the Month campaign was born.

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Jul 15
bed bug crawling on a bed in maui

Keeping Bed Bugs Out Of Maui

No one ever wants to leave Maui, but if you do, be sure that you don't bring back any bed bugs! Keeping bed bugs out of Maui is everyone's concern.

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