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Nov 30
aphids crawling on plant

Why Plant Pest Control Is Needed In Maui

Hawaii is known for its natural beauty, but some of that natural beauty doesn't happen entirely by nature. Often, we take nature and put it into our yards. If you travel throughout Maui, you'll see lots of this natural beauty. But, even though these plants have been moved into our yards and are no longer out in "nature," they are no less vulnerable to insect attack.

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Nov 25
feral pig

The Dangers Of Wildlife Removal

Here in Hawaii, there are a lot of animals that can invade our property. While homeowners in the rest of the country have a squirrel or occasional gopher to deal with, we have some scary animals that come into our yards, like feral pigs and feral cats. But we're going to focus on the animals that get into our houses, and explore a few reasons it can be dangerous to attempt to remove them on your own.

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Nov 23
rat in corner of basement

What To Expect From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

Having problems with rats in your Maui home? Believe it or not, this is not an uncommon occurrence in Hawaii. It's true, these creatures are destructive and can spread disease. That's exactly why we urge any homeowner concerned that rats may be an issue to make the first step in eliminating the problem, by calling in the pest experts from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. When receiving treatment for any pest problem, it's natural for a host of questions to arise. Like, will my pest issue be successfully treated? Is the treatment safe? Will the treatment be completed in a timely manner?

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Nov 21
pantry pest in grain

Holiday Baking Without The Stress

As the holidays roll around, families all over the United States hit the kitchen baking all sorts of tasty treats for friends and neighbors. What is better than pulling out your favorite pie from the oven to celebrate Thanksgiving or leaving your famous chocolate chip cookies for the big man in red on Christmas Eve? Frequently hailed as the best time of the year, the holiday season can also be one of the most stressful. There are those among us who not only want to make sure that the holidays are as advertised, but to be the best holiday yet. Imagine that moment when that person pulls out all of their baking stash, flour, chocolate chips, nuts, and sugar only to find it full of tiny little bugs in that first scoop full.

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