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Sep 30
termite in hawaii

Keep Termites From Attacking Your House

So far you have been fortunate enough to escape their wrath, but many of your neighbors are battling them as we speak. They lurk in the dark recesses of your home undetected and can cause extensive damage before you even know they have invaded. They often travel as if cloaked and stealthily keep from being discovered, and all the while they are in full attack mode scuttling in and out of your home and destroying its very integrity. What is this dreaded nemesis that is causing so much stir in Hawaii lately? Well, it’s termites of course! These little insects with huge appetites will eat anything wood that it can reach. In fact, they cause over $5 billion annually in damages to homes and businesses across the United States. Yes, that is a ‘b’ as in billion; and to make matters worse, most insurance carriers won’t cover the cost of damages done by these overeaters.

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Sep 26
feral cats in hawaii

Feral Feline Infestation Takes Hold

There has been a recent rise in the population of feral cats in Hawaii. There are several different factors that contribute to this rise in population including the fact that people have been discarding unwanted, unfixed cats into the wild as a means to get rid of them. This, in fact, only makes the situation worse! When cats reproduce they have a litter of 5 to 10 kittens and when these kittens are born outside without human contact, they, too, become feral. Also, some people try to ‘help’ by feeding these feral cats – which only helps them to be healthier and stronger, which, again, makes the situation worse instead of better!

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Sep 22
feral chicken in hawaii

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Ocean?

Sounds like the makings of a good joke that probably ends with, "He needed something to cock-a-doodle doo." It might even be followed up with, "Why did the turkey cross the ocean?" "To prove it wasn't chicken!" But--turkeys have nothing to do with this article. So, before we find ourselves following a rabbit trail--and subsequently realizing that this article has nothing to do with rabbits either--let's get back to those chickens. The real reason the chicken crossed the ocean is because we brought it over. Before that, there were no chickens in Hawaii. There is some speculation, however, as to when these birds first set foot on the Islands, and even greater speculation surrounding a certain farm and certain hurricane named Iniki, that presumably caused the mass release of domesticated chickens into the wild. It doesn't really matter how it all started. That fact is, it did, and now we're left to figure this chicken mess out--quite literally.

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Sep 14
chester gets adopted

Dog of the Month – Chester

We are so excited about our dog of the month program and the success we have had with it. This is the second month in a row that our dog of the month was adopted before we could put him on our site. Almost as soon as he appeared at the OSPCA weekly adoption event at Petco Kapolei, a wise, caring family snatched him up and took him home. They obviously knew a great friend when they saw him, and like always because he was one of our sponsored pets, we picked up the cost of his adoption – sending him on his way to his new home with a bag full of doggie goodies! Just like last month, we felt that Chester was worthy of his own blog anyway.

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