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Oct 25
feral pig in water

Fearl Pigs Causing Commercial Property Damage

What is fast, aggressive, weighs hundreds of pounds, has no natural predators, and is causing costly damages for Hawaiian businesses? The answer, of course, is the feral pig! Feral pigs are running loose and causing a lot of damage to commercial properties in Hawaii. The feral pig removal experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions want to educate you about the damages feral pigs cause to commercial properties and how we carefully and completely remove them from your property.

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Oct 24
mouse found in kitchen

Rodent Awareness Week

If you didn't know yet, we would like to remind you that Rodent Awareness Week is here again, October 23rd-29th. This annual event helps people to truly understand the dangers associated with rodents. They can enter inside through the tiniest of cracks and gaps of Hawaii properties and can cause major issues for both home and business owners. Our rodent control experts at Sandwich Isle want to make you aware of the consequences associated with rodents invading your property and how you can protect it and yourself from these furry, beady-eyed pests!

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Oct 21
ground termites

Avoid Termite Damage To Your Commercial Facility

Termites are a silent destroyer that causes over 5 billion dollars worth of damages to properties all across the U.S. You read right, 5 billion dollars! Many people associate termites with causing problems for homeowners, but business owners in Maui have to protect their commercial properties from these wood-feeding insects as well. If your business is not protected from termites, the cost of repair can be staggering to the bottom line.

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Oct 20
bed bug found in hawaii home

Bed Bugs: A Year-Round Problem In Hawaii

Bed bugs are becoming a huge issue in Hawaii, their numbers are high and they are invading both homes and business properties at an alarming rate. The question many have is why, why are these tiny, blood-sucking parasitic pests tarnishing the tropical vibe found in Hawaii. The bed bug experts at Sandwich Isle want to provide you with the information needed to understand this epidemic and how you can better protect yourself, your family, your home, and business from them.

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