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Apr 27
mongoose in hawaii

Are Mongooses Dangerous?

Did you know that a mongoose can kill a king cobra, all by its little old self? It's true. The king cobra is the largest venomous snake on earth. It can weigh as much as 35 pounds and grow to a length of 20 feet! If a human is bitten by a king cobra, they are likely to be dead in less than half an hour. Yet, a mongoose can hunt, kill, and devour a king cobra without too much trouble at all. So, if you are asking the question, "are mongooses dangerous?" Then the answer would be a resounding, Yes!

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Apr 25
pest technician explaining services

What Really Works To Keep Pests Out

We write a lot of blogs about pest prevention. Many of them come in the form of tips you as a homeowner or business owner can use to control bugs and wildlife on your property. And, every time we do, we always tell you about our services at the…

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Apr 22
common ground beetle

Beetles Found In Maui

With over 5 million species of beetles worldwide, it is no wonder that they make up more than 25% of all life forms - Fortunately for those of us here in Maui, we typically only battle with about 25 species. Some of the most destructive species are the ones that feed on wood products. They include: powder post beetles, old house borer beetles, bark beetles, and Asian beetles to name a few. No matter their name, the damages they inflict upon trees and wooden structures are costly and extensive.

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Apr 20
feral roosters in maui

The Pest Birds of Maui

Hawaii is known for its incredible diversity of flora and fauna. That is to say that we have an amazing variety of plants and animals. They are what make Hawaii one of the most exotic vacation destinations in the world, but having a lot of animals around can sometimes be a bad thing, especially when it comes to birds.

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