Bed Bug Control

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1Bed bugs are often found around beds because that is where their food source is. These biting insects come out at night for a blood meal. You may not see live bed bugs but waking up with bites or blood spots on the sheets are signs of a problem.

Bed Bug

2Bed bugs often come home as souvenirs after a vacation. When unpacking, if not careful, bed bugs may be introduced into the home.

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3Bed bugs are hitchhikers that will catch a ride on luggage, purses and even on people. They are often found in airports, on airplanes and other public transportation. You can even find these pests in movie theaters and stores.

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4Bed bugs hide in the cracks and crevices of furniture including bed frames, and nightstands. These areas are often overlooked by property owners when searching for bed bugs.

Bed Bug On Clock

5Bed bug activity is not confined to just beds. These pests will hide behind wall hangings and even under the carpet between feedings.

Bed Bug Solutions From Sandwich Isle

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval insects that were thought to be a pest problem of the past. Unfortunately, we are now experiencing a widespread recurrence of bed bugs in Hawaii, all across the United States and abroad. The most significant factors that explains their return is the increase in international travel and the decrease in the availability of effective pesticides, such as DDT. Often unknowingly introduced into a property on luggage after a trip, on clothing, in used furniture and even directly on people, bed bugs are posing a real challenge for property owners and managers in Honolulu and for all Oahu and Big Island.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we understand that a bed bug infestation and the resulting bed bug bites can cause unhappy guests, bad publicity, lost room revenue, loss of property, costly pesticide treatments and client lawsuits. We also realize that bed bug infestations in homes often lead to the disposal of the contents in the affected rooms, emotional trauma and stress associated with dealing with these elusive pests. That is why we offer effective bed bug control services, utilizing cutting edge knowledge, training, and tools to monitor, eradicate, and verify the success of our programs. We have experts who have traveled across the country to our industry's authorities on bed bug control and research, to formulate plans that provide results for our clients.

Through the use of specialized vacuums, steamers, and products that eliminate eggs and all other life stages of bed bugs, our bed bug control experts can tackle even the toughest infestations. 

We believe that every bed bug situation is different, so one of our consultants will customize a program that will fit your needs. We have a variety of bed bug services and resources, including the ability to pack infested personal belongings and furniture, transport them to our facility, and treat them with a specialized gas that will penetrate and kill bed bugs and their eggs, all without damaging your belongings or leaving a harmful residue.  

We firmly believe that for every bed bug problem, we have the bed bug solution!

Bed Bug Monitoring

At Sandwich Isle, we also offer bed bug monitoring services. With the newest tools, we'll show you how to monitor for the introduction bed bugs and prevent an infestation! We can also keep tabs on the progress of conventional or ongoing services, or even confirm the elimination of a bed bug problem.

Let Sandwich Isle’s bed bug control professionals spare you from bed bug bites and resolve your bed bug problem.

We are proud to provide bed bug treatments in Honolulu and all of Oahu. This pest control service is also available to parts of Big Island.