Wildlife Removal

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Axis Deer

1Axis deer were a gift from Hong Kong to King Kamehameha in the 1860s. Today these deer are a threat to farms, vineyards and forests.

Feral Pig

2Not only are feral pigs aggressive, they are very destructive to native ecosystems and damage lawns and ornamental plants. They also prey on endangered, native birds.


3Pigeons and doves are dirty birds that spread disease including cryptococcosis and toxoplasmosis. Their droppings deface property and can lead to slips and falls.

Feral Cat

4Feral cats may look like your family pet but they are wild animals that threaten native wildlife and spread disease to domesticated pets.


5Once loved by Hawaiian royalty, peacocks are destructive pests that damage property and landscape.

Feral Chicken

6Feral chickens and ducks are dirty birds that leave behind droppings and irritate pet dogs. The morning crowing of chickens can also be quite annoying.


7Mongooses are aggressive animals with sharp teeth and claws. They also carry rabies and other serious diseases.

Humane Animal Trapping, Removal & Exclusion 

Whether feral cats or menacing mongoose, when you have a challenging wildlife or feral animal management issue there is only one company you should call. Sandwich Isle's Wildlife Division offers the best in wildlife removal and feral animal control service for Honolulu, Waialua and all of Oahu, and parts of Big Island. We are the leaders in humane animal exclusion, trapping and removal and are ready to help you evict unwanted guests using exclusion products and procedures that are designed to blend into any environment. 

Our wildlife removal and feral animal control services are the smart choice when wild animals become a problem on your property and provide relief for:

Why Contact Our Wildlife Division?

If wildlife and feral animals have shown up on your property, we recommend contacting a professional for relief. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Several of the problem wildlife spread diseases including rabies, leptospirosis, feline AIDS.

  • Wildlife can be aggressive and, in some cases, ferocious.

  • Some wildlife, like feral cats and mongooses, threaten native wildlife, some of which are endangered species.

  • They overrun an environment, causing extensive damage to native ecosystems.

  • Wildlife in Hawaii destroy personal property, dig up gardens, scratch paint off of cars, leave behind piles of feces and inflict damage to buildings and landscape.